Acronym Title Class
UFO Unidentified Flying Object Computers
UCL University College London   Education
PSA Public Service Announcement   Society
DMZ DeMilitarized Zone Military
SEP Somebody Elses Problem   Society
ATM Automatic/automated Teller Machine   Finance and Business
POS Piece Of S***   Society
SCR Software Change Request Computers
LTC Linear Time Code   Science and Technology
LUG Linux Users Group Computers
PTO Power Take Off   Miscellaneous
IUD Intra Uterine Device   Medicine
LNG Liquid Natural Gas Science and Technology
DAT Digital Audio Tape   Science and Technology
CNN Cable News Network   Miscellaneous
MTC MIDI Time Code   Science and Technology
DPI Dots Per Inch Computers
DOS Denial Of Service Computers
COD Cash On Delivery Finance and Business
IED Improvised Explosive Device   Military
BLT Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Food and Cuisine
POV Personal Owned Vehicle   Military
USP United States Pharmacopeia Medicine
POV Point Of View Miscellaneous
FET Field Effect Transistor   Science and Technology
PBX Private Branch Exchange   Computers
PBS Public Broadcasting Services Science and Technology
ADT Automatic Double Tracking   Science and Technology
ABS Antilock Braking System   Automotive and Transportation
EEG ElectroEncephaloGram Medicine
PCU Pre Commissioned Unit   Military
FYI For Your Information   Miscellaneous
CTC Centralized Traffic Control   Automotive and Transportation
MIA Missing In Action Military
YTD Year To Date Finance and Business
BBQ Barbeque   Food and Cuisine
XSL eXtensible Stylesheet Language Computers
DOF Depth of Field   Science and Technology
ZIF Zero Insertion Force Computers
RPG Rocket Propelled Grenade   Military
ABL Airborne Laser   Military
EKG Electrocardiogram   Medicine
RFN Right F***ing Now Military
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Medicine
PDQ Pretty Darn Quickly Society
PDF Portable Document Format Computers
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging Medicine
ORD ORchard FielD   Automotive and Transportation
ECT ElectroConvulsive Therapy Medicine
IOU I Owe You (duh)   Finance and Business
KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken   Food and Cuisine
ABL American Beverage Licensees   Society
MLS Major League Soccer Sport
RPG Role Playing Game Society
FTW For The Win   Miscellaneous
FFS For F*cks Sake   Miscellaneous
FUQ Frequently Unasked Questions Computers
ICT Information and Communication Technologies   Computers
DCC Digital Compact Cassette   Science and Technology
RBI Run Batted In   Sport
CGI Computer Generated Image Computers
TPC Tournament Players' Championship Sport
TNT Turner Network Television Science and Technology
BPS Bits Per Second Science and Technology
TBA To Be Announced   Miscellaneous
HTH Happy To Help   Society
UHF Ultra High Frequency Society
VHF Very High Frequency Computers
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act   Government and Law
ERA Earned Run Average Sport
MST Mystery Science Theatre Society
ETA Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna   Military
AMF Adios, MotherF***ers! Society
BMX Bicycle Motocross Sport
IMO In My Opinion Society
GBP Great Britain Pounds Finance and Business
DOT Department of Transportation   Automotive and Transportation
EAP Employee Assistance Program Medicine
EMP ElectroMagnetic Pulse Computers
MTV Music TeleVision Society
APR Annual Percentage Rate Finance and Business
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival Miscellaneous
CFL Canadian Football League Sport
LDN London Society
ULD Unit Load Device   Automotive and Transportation
BAU Business As Usual   Finance and Business
CEA Certificate of Educational Attainment   Education
WWF World Wildlife Fund Miscellaneous
HGH Human Growth Hormone Medicine
MSG MonoSodium Glutamate Food and Cuisine
OKC Oklahoma City   Miscellaneous
ABE Adult Basic Education   Education
ISP Internet Service Provider Computers
HMO Health Maintenance Organization Finance and Business
BIS Business Information Systems   Computers
PLC Programmable Logic Controller   Industry and Manufacturing
RAM Random Access Memory Computers
GIF Graphics Interchange Format Computers
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode   Automotive and Transportation
RBL Realtime Blackhole List Computers
DOA Dead On Arrival Medicine
ABL American Basketball League Sport
ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Medicine
VIP Very Important Person   Society
DOE DOE   Miscellaneous
CAE Computer Assisted Engineering Computers
VCR Video Cassette Recorder Computers
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Computers
DOS Disk Operating System Computers
CPM Control Program for Microcomputers Computers
UDP Usenet Death Penalty Computers
GED General Equivalence Degree/Diploma Education
GPF General Protection Fault Computers
BMW Bavarian Motor Works   Automotive and Transportation
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test Education
TNT 2,4,6-TriNitroToluene   Science and Technology
OMG Oh My God   Miscellaneous
BFD Big F***ing Deal Society
TLC Tender Loving Care Miscellaneous
AMD Air Movement Device   Computers
FCC Federal Communications Commission   Government and Law
CSS Cascading Style Sheet   Computers
WTF What The F***?   Miscellaneous
SUV Sport Utility Vehicle Automotive and Transportation
LDS Latter-Day Saints Society
CCM Companie Canadien de Manufacturie Sport
SOB Son of a B*tch Society
FTE Full Trucker Effect Automotive and Transportation
MPG Miles Per Gallon Automotive and Transportation
QVC Quality Viewers Choice Society
CDC Centers for Disease Control   Government and Law
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission   Government and Law
MLA Modern Language Association Education
JDL Jewish Defense League Society
LSD LySergic acid Diethylamide Medicine
PDA Personal Digital Assistant Computers
NBA National Basketball Association Sport
NFL National Football League Sport
NHL National Hockey League Sport
GWB George Washington Bridge   Automotive and Transportation
LIE Long Island Expressway Automotive and Transportation
GAA Goals Against Average Sport
TBH to be honest   Miscellaneous
OCR Optical Character Recognition Computers
BCD Binary Coded Decimal   Computers
MSY Moisant Yard   Automotive and Transportation
LEO Lox, Eggs, and Onions   Food and Cuisine
EVA Extra-Vehicular Activity Miscellaneous
SOL Satellite of Love Society
NLL National Lacrosse League Sport
MSG Madison Square Garden Sport
ITP Inspection & Test Plan Industry and Manufacturing
OAS Organization of American States Government and Law
DFW Dallas-Fort Worth   Automotive and Transportation
SOS Save Our Ship Military
WWE World Wrestling Entertainment   Sport
WTO World Trade Organization Government and Law
MMF Micro-Mainframe   Computers
HAL Heuristic ALgorithmic Computers
PDA Public Display of Affection   Society
KJH kjghkjhg   Finance and Business
CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement Government and Law
LAX Los Angeles International Airport Society
IBM International Business Machines Computers
PRC People's Republic of China Government and Law
SNL Saturday Night Live   Society
QED Quod Erat Demonstrandum Miscellaneous
WVU West Virginia University   Education
PSU Penn State University   Education
IRA Individual Retirement Account Finance and Business
HBO Home Box Office Society
AMC American Motor Company   Automotive and Transportation
GMC General Motors Corporation Automotive and Transportation
JIT Just In Time Industry and Manufacturing
MPH Miles Per Hour   Automotive and Transportation
KPH Kilometres per hour   Automotive and Transportation
MIB Men In Black Society
BBB Better Business Bureau Finance and Business
KIA Killed In Action Military
FTP File Transfer Protocol Computers
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus Medicine
ASP Active Server Pages   Computers
IRP International Registration Plan   Automotive and Transportation
IRL In Real Life   Computers
USA United States of America Society
COA Certificate of Analysis   Industry and Manufacturing
HOV High Occupancy Vehicle Automotive and Transportation
AMC American Movie Classics   Society
ABS Automatic Block Signal   Automotive and Transportation
PHD PHilosophiae Doctor Education
WTC World Trade Center Finance and Business
UVF Ulster Volunteer Force   Military
UDA Ulster Defence Army   Military
IPX Internetwork Packet eXchange Computers
GPA Grade Point Average Education
AOL America On-Line Computers
JCL Job Control Language Computers
BDJ Bimbo Du Jour Society
SAP Second Audio Program Computers
UCE Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Computers
MMF Make Money Fast Finance and Business
WWW World Wide Web Computers
IRC Internet Relay Chat Computers
ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament Medicine
TBS Turner Broadcasting System Science and Technology
CBS Columbia Broadcast System   Science and Technology
NBC National Broadcast Company   Science and Technology
ABC American Broadcast Company   Science and Technology
ATL Atlanta, Georgia Society
LBW Leg Before Wicket   Sport
POW Prisoner of War Military
DWI Driving While Intoxicated   Government and Law
DUI Driving Under the Influence   Government and Law
OWI Operating While Intoxicated   Government and Law
IMF International Monetary Fund   Finance and Business
PIM Penalties, In Minutes Sport
XYZ eXamine Your Zipper   Society
PVC Poly-Vinyl Chloride Industry and Manufacturing
NOW National Organization of Women Society
SAS Sensitivity Awareness Symposium Education
CDA Communications Decency Act Government and Law
USS United States Ship Military
RMS Royal Mail Steamer Miscellaneous
MRE Meals, Ready to Eat Military
CAD Computer Assisted Drafting Computers
SME Subject Matter Expert   Finance and Business
ERA Equal Rights Amendment Government and Law
ABL Automatic Brightness Limiter Science and Technology
DNA DeoxyriboNucleic Acid Medicine
NPR National Public Radio Science and Technology
PSL Personal Seat License   Sport
KKK Ku Klux Klan Society
SLS Selective Laser Sintering   Industry and Manufacturing
BAC Blood Alcohol Content   Government and Law
NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical   Military
ESL English as a Second Language   Education
POS Point Of Sale   Miscellaneous
CFM Cubic Feet Minute   Automotive and Transportation
DWV Drain Waste Ventilation   Industry and Manufacturing
MVR Motor Vehicle Record   Automotive and Transportation
RFS Really F***ing Stupid   Miscellaneous
KMA Kiss My A**   Miscellaneous
AAA American Automobile Association Automotive and Transportation
TCB Taking Care of Business Society
SGM Small Group Meeting   Miscellaneous
LAX Lacrosse Sport
USB Universal Serial Bus   Computers
UFP United Federation of Planets   Miscellaneous
RMV Registry of Motor Vehicles   Automotive and Transportation
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles   Automotive and Transportation
ROM Read Only Memory Computers
VHS Video Home System Computers
DVD Digital Versatile Disc Computers
LGM Little Green Men Society
PTO Paid Time Off Finance and Business
UDI Unilateral Declaration of Independence   Government and Law
IRA Irish Republican Army Government and Law
NLT No Later Than   Automotive and Transportation
CYA Cover Your A**   Miscellaneous
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation   Miscellaneous
IDF Israel Defense Forces   Military
DOB Date Of Birth Government and Law
CIO Chief Information Officer Finance and Business
CEO Chief Executive Officer Finance and Business
CFO Chief Financial Officer Finance and Business
OJT On-the-Job Training Industry and Manufacturing
PGA Professional Golf Association   Sport
UNC University of North Carolina   Education
UPN United Paramount Network   Miscellaneous
DNS Domain Name Service Computers
CAG Commander Air Group Military
KPG Kilometers Per Gallon   Automotive and Transportation
VLA Very Large Array   Military
NYC New York City   Society
TWA Trans World Airlines   Automotive and Transportation
CSA Confederate States of America   Government and Law
AIA Archaeological Institute of America Education
MVP Most Valuable Player   Sport
OCG On Call Guy   Computers
MAD Mutually Assured Destruction Military
LBO Leveraged Buy Out Finance and Business
THC delta-9-TetraHydroCannabinol Medicine
ABL Atmospheric Boundary Layer   Science and Technology
RGB Red, Green and Blue Computers
TLA Three-Letter Acronym Miscellaneous
UCD Universty California Davis Education
SOP Standard Operating Procedure Miscellaneous
RET Rational Emotive Therapy   Medicine
SOL S*** Out of Luck Society
CSA Child Support Agency   Government and Law
USD United States Dollars Finance and Business
NBD No Big Deal   Miscellaneous
SDK Software Developers Kit   Computers
MLB Major League Baseball Sport
AHL American Hockey League Sport
GDP Gross Domestic Product   Finance and Business
GNP Gross National Product   Finance and Business
TOE Troops, Organization, and Equipment   Military
VGA Video Graphics Array Computers
ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene   Industry and Manufacturing
AFB Air Force Base Military
ARB Air Reserve Base Military
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation Government and Law
IRS Internal Revenue Service Government and Law
DOE Department of Energy   Government and Law
JAG Judge Advocate General Military
GOP Grand Old Party Government and Law
DFO Dumb F***ing Operator Society
FAA Federal Aviation Administration Government and Law
CIA Central Intelligence Agency Government and Law
CAM Computer Assisted Manufacturing Computers
PSA Prostate-Specific Antigen Medicine
BFI Brute force and ignorance Miscellaneous
EOB End Of Business   Finance and Business
LOL Laugh Out Loud   Computers
FNG F***ing New Guy   Miscellaneous
FTE Full Time Equivalent   Industry and Manufacturing
BTW By The Way   Miscellaneous
TLA Tube Levelling Amplifier.   Science and Technology
ATV All Terrain Vehicle   Automotive and Transportation
XML eXtensible Markup Language Computers
WEB Well Earned Break   Society
WTH What the heck Miscellaneous
PMS PreMenstual Syndrome   Medicine
BPO Business Process Outsourcing   Finance and Business
BOP Best of Page   Computers
SDG So Damn Good   Society
FML F*** My Life Science and Technology
CTD Circling The Drain Medicine
RSS Really Simple Syndication Computers
YOY Year over Year   Finance and Business