This is my personal Web site. I am an Atlanta-based consultant and programmer. Everything here has been designed and coded by me. Have a look around.

Shields Up

ShieldsUp has moved to its own URL.


Atlanta Knights Hockey.

Atlanta's first championship team played at the Omni from 1992 to 1996.


Washington Federals

The unofficial revival site of the USFL's Washington Federals and their two seasons at RFK Stadium.


Cherokee County Highways

If we had numbered highways in Cherokee County, here's how we should do it.


TLA Dictionary

A reference for many of the Three Letter Acronyms used throughout the world. User contributions welcome.


Pickett Trophy

The official site of the Usenet award for Valiant, Stupid Futility, given for achievements in rushing to oblivion.


I am still migrating content from the old version of the Web site. Some sections are unavailable or incomplete.