The IHL Atlanta Knights

Notice: This site is no longer being updated.

This site is not affilliated with the current Atlanta Knights, a developmental hockey program based in Marietta, Georgia.

The original Atlanta Knights were an IHL (International Hockey League) franchise which began play at The Omni arena in 1992.  They played four seasons in Atlanta and won the IHL's Turner Cup championship at the end of the 1993-94 season.

The Knights filled a void in Atlanta that had been open since the Atlanta Flames departed for Calgary in 1980, and helped set the table for Atlanta's second NHL and current ECHL franchises as well as helping to generate interest in the sport which today sees Atlanta with youth and adult leagues and thriving high school and collegiate programs.

In addition to the Turner Cup title, the Knights brought history, fun and national attention to Atlanta.  The fans who filled the Omni always punctuated the National Anthem with the shout of "KNIGHTS!!!"

This site, which has no connection to the original ownership group of the Knights or the current International Hockey League, is a fan-run revival site.  (Section 218, row A, seats 1-2, in the "well" on the upper level at the Omni, right over the goal.) 

Today all that remains of the Knights is a single goal frame that was used in the Omni, which hangs over the pro shop in the successor arena downtown.  The Knights name lives on in the very successful junior hockey team running out of Marietta, Ga., just north of Atlanta.  This site is dedicated to the men and women who brought the Knights to Atlanta and kept the fans coming back.  It's KnightTime in Atlanta.