The Great Playoff Riot of 1995

The Knights entered the 1994-95 IHL postseason first round against the Las Vegas Thunder with a chip on their shoulder. The Knights and Thunder had, the year before, engaged in a huge brawl at the Omni. So when the Knights opened the series in Las Vegas, with chief enforcer Chris LiPuma sidelined with injuries and his cohort Brantt Myhres called up to Tampa Bay, the Thunder took every advantage, gooning it up against the Knights on their way to a lopsided Game 1 victory. LiPuma, confined to the broadcast booth, fumed over the television air at his inability to settle some issues on the ice.

The Atlanta side had some aces up their sleeves, though, particularly in the form of veteran Brock Woods. Woods was a scratch for game 1 in Last Vegas, but for game 2, he was front and center.