Gretzky Scores! Oops

The Great One was Wayne Gretzky, but the Gretzky most Knights fans would consider the "Great" one was Brent Gretzky, a member of the Knights for three seasons including the Turner Cup run of 1994. Brent was a solid checking center in the IHL, and in NHL play, Wayne (894 goals) and Brent (1) are the highest-scoring brother duo in NHL history.

Brent also potted a fair number of goals in a Knights uniform, but the goal he scored for the Knights, the one that made it to national sports highlights, is the one he wishes he could have back.

It's the puck he managed to slip past Derek Wilkinson on a well-timed backhand pass. Yes, the Great One's brother scored on his own net in a game vs. Milwaukee in 1995.