Mascot Attacked!

Sir Hat Trick was unaccountably detained for this night's game against the Cincinnati Cyclones, and Sir Slap Shot was summoned to Atlanta to lead the cheers for the Knights at the Omni. Whatever Sir Slap Shot was doing, it certainly was working. The Knights cruised to an easy victory against the Cyclones, and for the first, and maybe only, time in the history of hockey, the mascot was the Number One star in the victory.

Sir Slap Shot was entertaining the fans in the lower level behind the Cincinnati bench. Maybe it was inexperience at the IHL level, maybe it was a couple of extra mugs of mead before the game, who knows... but Sir Slap Shot decided to bump up against the glass behind the Cyclones' bench just as Cincinnati coach Don Jackson leaned back against the same glass... and Sir Slap Shot nearly knocked the coach over with his charge.

What happened next made the papers...

Don Jackson climbed over the glass, grabbed Sir Slap Shot, and began to pummel the mascot in retaliation.

Sir Slap Shot didn't put up much of fight owing that his arms were attached to his body until just after his elbows. Jackson was actually detained for questioning by the Atlanta police department, but no charges were filed. He did receive an IHL suspension for going into the stands. Sir Slap Shot retired to the dressing room for repairs and skated out for the next period with his head wrapped in bandages.

If Jackson had been trying to fire up his troops, it didn't work. The Knights rolled the Cyclones, 7-1.

Special Note: This night had an extra-special footnote attached to it: On this night, after the game, my son Nicholas was conceived. -- Dave Kendrick