The Knights wore roughly the same uniform design during their four seasons of existence with only minor variations over time. Unlike more-recent minor league hockey teams, they did not embrace the "special alternate" jersey fad, sticking to their traditional jerseys with the exception of special warm-up jerseys worn only pre-game at home games during the second half of the 95-96 season.

1992-93 and 1993-94 Uniforms

The Knights wore the same uniforms for their first two seasons. Both light (home) and dark (road) were made by MSport and were of a loose mesh material. The light jerseys were white and worn with white helmets and black pants. The dark jerseys were worn with black helmets and black pants.  The 92-93 and 93-94 uniforms were identical.

1994-95 and 1995-96 Uniforms

The uniforms for seasons 3 and 4 were slightly different from the 1992-93 uniforms. The newer uniforms were made by Bauer from a heavy polyester. In 1994-95 the Knights commemorated their 1994 Turner Cup title with special shoulder patches depicting the armored knight holding the Turner Cup aloft (a patch on each shoulder). Additionally, the IHL 50th Anniversary patch was displayed on the right breast. The name and numerals on the dark uniform changed from tri-color to white on light blue.

Only two minor changes were made from 1994-95 to 1995-96: the removal of the IHL 50th anniversary patch; the Turner Cup championship patches were removed and replaced by the secondary logo of the shadowed goalie mask (on the right shoulder only).

1995-96 Pre-Game Warmup Jersey

The Knights introduced the pre-game warmup jersey in 1995-96. It was worn only pre-game at the Omni as advertising for a Knights sponsor (whose logo was featured on the collar and rear hem). It differed from other Knights jerseys in several ways: the Knights team logo and numerals were screened on; a different shade of blue was used; there were no names on the backs.

Helmets, pants and socks remained the same over the four seasons.